DXN Presentation in Milan

Once again I have been invited to one of my favourite countries in the world, Italy. It is always a pleasure to be here, since Italian people are well known for their great hospitatlity and also the network here is great and people are kind. So I was really looking forward to share my thoughts, vision and experience.

Ramada Plaza Milano was the venue this time, which is great spot for an event like this.

My two main topics were the WOW factor and my vision about DXN. These are topics you can not talk enough about, and based on the number of participants, these topics are interesting and informative indeed. More than 120 people were present, so additional chairs were required. The atmosphere was terrific during the whole weekend, especially when we had time to talk with the members between presentations.

I have started my daily Morinzhi programme back in December 2017.  By the time I got to this event I have already been consuming one bottle of Morinzhi for 3 weeks. So I wanted to involve the members of the italian network to join me at least once and drink a bottle of Morinzhi with me. I invited the members to the stage, who were willing to join me in, which I can call now, my daily habit. You can find below a short video about it.

I am looking forward to visiting this beautiful country again.

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Daily Morinzhi is starting

Today I became 50 years old and I decided to start the longest period of product presentation in my life. I’ve decided to drink one bottle of Morinzhi each and every day and I will be recording them. The videos will be uploaded to my new youtube channel. If you are interested you are more than welcome to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbBJPrHpO-YAo-HfUc8JqsQ

Previously I have drank off 1 bottle of Morinzhi every day for 100 days between 2nd December 2016. and 11th March 2017. A summary video of this 100 day period can also be found on my new channel.


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3 day DXN camp in Sorgun (Antalya)

I was in a very lucky situation, that I could visit Turkey twice in a month. I was honored to be invited to a 3 day camp in Antalya, Turkey. The venue was fantastic and people were great and pretty excited about the event. The programme was very well organised and it was my privilege to be present. The organiser was one of my direct downlines in Turkey, Mr. Ercan Kaya. He is also one of the most successful DXN business builders in Turkey.

Besides Mr. Ercan Kaya and the great leaders of his team I was also given the opportunity to share my experience and thoughts on DXN business building. I covered the same topics like last week in Turkey, but every presentation is a little different and thanks to the enthusiasm of the audience I really felt great while sharing my opinion and experience about DXN.


I really hope I could have contributed to the efficiency of this event and that I could have given a motivational boost to Mr. Ercan Kaya’s team.

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DXN camp in Sorgun (Antalya)

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3 day DXN camp in Antalya, Turkey

I was happy to accept the invition from Mr. Izzet Tabakaydın to be one of the speakers on the three day camp he organised. The venue in Antalya was great and people were very enthusiastic about the program and the speakers, since all the great diamond leaders were speaking from Mr. Izzet’s network. It is always a pleasure to share my experience and thoughts with people, who are serious about DXN and what could be a better proof for it, than that they spend a nice sunny weekend in a seminar room to learn and develop rather than  having some leisure time activity outdoor somewhere else. This shows true commitment towards DXN and I am sure with this type of attitude they are sentenced to success.

I had the privilege to give three presentations and I tried to cover the most useful and practical topics. My first presentation was a motivational presentation, in which I included my own DXN story also. I gave the title: „Why did I choose DXN?”

My second presentation was a little bit longer, than the first. The title was: „What is my public presentation like in DXN business?”. This is one of my most practical presentations. I shared concrete, particular techniques in connection with effective product and business presentation.

My last presentation was called „How to create a successful DXN business?”.  Closing my series of presentations I chose this topic to give a strategic view on DXN business and how a serious business should be treated. I shared the most important pieces of information about professional DXN business buliding.

I truly hope that I could contribute to the success of this event and that I was able to motivate and give a boost to the Turkish market.

After the camp I had the time and opportunity to visit the Turkish office, where since my last visit the whole staff is totally different and even better. It was my honour to meet Mr. Nuri and Mr. Mete the managers of DXN Turkey. We had great time together sharing our experience with each other and speaking about the future and the possibilites of DXN in Turkey. I am sure that they will make the Turkish market of DXN become one of the most successful markets.

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3 Day camp in Turkey

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Visit to DXN HQ

Once again I had the chance to visit Malaysia, one of my favourite places, and as my wife usually calls it my second home. It is always good to visit the headquarters of DXN, since you expereince positive impacts all the time. Everytime I go there I see and hear about new developments and meet great people.
I was happy to meet my sponsor, Jane and his son William, in person again after a long time. Although we communicate regularly nothing can replace a personal meeting. A long time has passed since our last personal meeting. As always we had a great time and also we visited the farm together.

I never miss to spend some time at the farm and the cultivation. Usually I stay there for long hours just enjoy how fascinating it is. It is fantastic to see the Ganoderma plantation, the Spirulina cultivation and of course the Noni trees. The view of the professional cultivation and processing generates motivation automatically, although I am well aware of the stable background of DXN. New developments and evolution has always been a part of DXN. Knowing this it is clear why DXN is the largest ganoderma producing company in the world.

It was my privilege that the owner and CEO of DXN, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, had the time to meet me few times during my visit. Our discussions are always progressive and time flies everytime we have a chance to sit down and share our thoughts and visions with each other. One of the main topics is always the present and the future of DXN, especially DXN in Europe. One of the main reasons for me to join DXN, besides the stable background, the fantastic products and the marketing plan, was the vision of Dr. Lim, his directness and his commitment towards DXN and all of its leaders and members.


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My presentation on the 5th European DXN Leadership Camp

I was privileged to be among the great speakers of the 5th European Leadership Camp on 17th May 2017. I cover the following topic: How to build up a huge business with story telling?

My presentation can be viewed with english subtitle below.

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My Presentation during the I. DXN European Summit

I was honoured to be one of the speakers during the I. DXN European Summit on the 14th May 2017. The title of my presentation was: How to achieve passive income in MLM business?

My presentation can be viewed with english subtitle below.

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5th European Leadership Camp

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